folio3 is in partnership with Qatar to provide mobility and e-commerce

Folio3 for mobile development services. Folio3 is a digital transformation service and strategy consulting to enterprises, SMBs and startups via mobile and web app development. For the past decade, Folio3 has been creating high performance. Feature-packed mobile applications for all majorآ platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows. As an expert in mobile application development, Folio3 canآ create the right app that will meet all your business and industry needs.

About Folio3

  • Founded in 2005
  • California based Software Development Company
  • 180+ Designers, Developers, and Miracle Workers
  • 230+ Delivered Projects
  • 100+ Satisfied Customers and Clients
  • 10+ آ  Years of Development Experience
  • Digital Transformation Consulting Company
  • Provides Services to Startup to Large Enterprise
Folio3 is in partnership with GlobeSoft Qatar to provide mobile development

Folio3 for Mobile Development Services

Folio3 is a global leader in delivering award-winning mobile development solutions. At Folio3, they know that you dream of an application that can take your organization to the next level. Because of this, Folio3 gives you an unprecedented reach that can turn your small business into an overnight Fortune. Lastly, for Folio3, they understand the challenges you face, which is why they offer expertise in creating groundbreaking and feature packed native mobile applications on all major devices.

We Specialize In Mobile App Development Services Solutions

No Matter The Choice of Platform
folio3 mobile application development

As an award-winning company, Folio3 have been creating feature-packed and high performance mobile applications for all majorآ platforms. Including Android, iOS, and Windows. As an expert in mobile application development, Folio3 can create the right app that will meet all your business needs. Folio3’s agile app development methodology is proven to create highly flexible engagement models. Which encompass aآ comprehensive evaluation of your business requirements and app goals to ensure the development of a mobile solution.

At Folio3, they are constantly pushing the boundaries of possibility, creating high-performance mobile applications. And discovering inventive development solutions for building world-class mobile apps. Innovation and creativity constantly fuel our productivity. We care for your business and as inventive thought leaders; our mobile app development team is focused on helping you scale your business. Through effective means to gain industry excellence. Whether you are still trying to find your feet in the industry. Establishing yourself as a brand or setting the tone of your business in the market – our apps are destined to fuel your drive for business-growth!

Full spectrum mobile services offered by Our Company

We understand your challenges across business functions and recognize your company values. Our aim is to bringآ your ideas to life which is why we offer full-spectrum mobile app development services combined with our deep sector
experience that cover a wide array of industries with an international client base, predominantly in theآ USA and UK.

Folio3 is the leading development services and solution provider on :

  • Leading iOS app development services & solutions
  • Expert Android app development solutions & services
  • Comprehensive enterprise mobility management solution
  • Leading cross-platform native script apps developer
  • Redefining mobile app prototyping
  • Building iconic ionic mobile apps
  • Powers wearable app development
  • Magnify your platform reach with a universal mobile app
  • Connect to a larger audience with cross-platform app development
  • Qualitative html5 application development solutions
  • Empowering you with high-performance native sencha apps
  • Future centric iot application development

What makes folio3 the best آ Enterprise Software & Integration Solutions Provider

The coherent framework of enterprise software and integration solutions by Folio3 enables you to integrate a diverse range of data, both internally and externally, so you are able to share an integrated information infrastructure through mission-critical applications like CRM, complex dashboards and reporting systems. Businesses are now rapidly turning to enterprise software solutions to eliminate point-to-point integration issues with robust integration systems and applications, which is helping organizations in gaining business agility and providing high level insights to make well-informed decisions.

With Folio3’s enterprise software and integration solutions, you become capable of addressing the challenges associated with your organization’s various communication channels while protecting data separately through a secure system integration across your enterprise, as it allows you to:

Why Choose Folio3 for Enterprise Mobility Services

Your complete enterprise mobile application development solution package by Folio3 will provide you end-to-end solutions for delivering a mobile strategy that boosts productivity and accelerates your business. Our scalable enterprise mobile app development services will assist your business in driving better revenue with a special focus on improving customer engagement and innovative technology that empowers your company to deliver results quickly through:

Enterprise Services of Folio3

Small Enterprise

As fellow small business owners, we know your software projects must deliver high quality on strict timelines and stricter budgets.

As a NetSuiteآ certified partner (the ONLY partner certified as both aآ Suite Commerceآ and aآ Technology partner) and as Microsoft certifiedآ Dynamics AX Specialist, we have delivered over 100آ ERPآ andآ e-commerce solutionsآ to businesses like yours. Add to these over 500 custom webآ andآ mobileآ solutions for SME clients, and you get a sense of our time and cost-effective track record.


We work with our clients to build compelling mobile apps that provide lasting value to their customers. Having started out as a start-up ourselves, we know how difficult it is to maintain a balance between funding and quality development. We can help you get your app made for less than a year of college tuition!

Large Enterprises

Over time enterprises, both medium-sized and large, tend to face increased complexity with legacy application that often results in fragile systems, making system interconnectivity a major challenge. Enterprise integration, therefore, becomes crucial to retain organizational agility for enabling better decision making and for boosting productivity.

GlobeSoft Qatar and Folio3

GlobeSoft Qatar and Folio3 aim to enable clients and partners in enhancing their business growth with the best tools and frameworks available in the market, offering award-winning company mobile app development services with the best value.

Folio3 aim to enable clients and partners in enhancing their business growth with the best tools and frameworks available in the market, offering award-winning company mobile app development services with the best value for:

  • High-quality applications for a wide array of niche
  • Attracting a larger user base & increasing business impact
  • High standard functionality & features
  • Enhancing visual appeal & rich user interface
  • Cross platform development for mobile apps
  • Variety of app choices from native, web & hybrid
  • Complete operating system support

Folio3 is also a leading E-commerce development company. It has been building solutions that provide outstanding user experiences for over two decades. Folio3’s passion for creating unparalleled e-commerce services has led them to provide our clients with result-oriented solutions which are helping businesses outpace the competition and deliver value to their customers.

E-Commerce Development Solutions

Folio3 as a global leader in delivering award-winning e-commerce storefronts and development solutions. Focuses on enabling B2B and B2C enterprises to accelerate their revenue, improve their performance. Their cost-effective e-commerce solutions are demanded internationally and have enabled us to cultivate close, long-term relationships with our clients.

The following are Folio3 E-commerce services:

  • Magento Ecommerce
  • Shopify Ecommerce
  • Woocommerce
  • Bigcommerce
  • Netsuite Ecommerce

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