Globalscape to offer secure file transfer services with globesoftqatar

Globalscape offers Secure Enhanced File Transfer services. Globalscape is a pioneer in securing and automating the movement and integration of data. Seamlessly in, around and outside your business, between people and places, in and out of the cloud.

Founded in 1996, Globalscape’s data exchange and integration software services are trusted by over 13,000 customers in over 150 countries. Worldwide, including global enterprises, governments, and small and medium enterprises.


About Globalscape

  • Established in 1996
  • Pioneer of Security and Automation of Data
  • Headquartered at San Antonio
  • Holds multiple technology certifications
globalscape and globesoftqatar has partnered to provide secure file transfer services

Globalscape for Enhanced File Transfer

Secure file sharing is a protected method of transferring data between users or organizations. Whether you are sending one file or a group of files, secure file sharing uses encryption. And restricted authorization to help ensure data security and privacy. This provides businesses with a safe way to transmit files to users inside and outside of a corporate network.

Globebalscape offers different types of file transfer protocol:

  • Server-to-server file transfer:آ  Automated transfer between two servers with no error-prone human interaction.
  • Server-to-person file transfer: A software application that sends a file to a server or an email address or sends a notification that a file is available for pickup.
  • Person-to-Person file transfer: Users send files to each other through emails, such as Outlook or an online portal
  • Person-to-server file transfer: A user sends a file to a server, such as a shared drive in your office.
Globalscape for secure file transfer services

What can Globalscape do?

Globalscape is a pioneer in developing on-premises and cloud MFT Platforms. They are the leading leaders, innovators and a trusted advisor worldwide. Additionally, Globalscape has consistently been named a top workplace by Computerworld, the San Antonio Business Journal, Texas Monthly, and the San Antonio Express-News, among others.

Overall, Globalscape is one of the leading, innovative and trusted advisors in regards to security and automated movement of data. Globalscape enables companies to increase business agility by unleashing the power of data. The company also provides technology services that automate your work and secure your data– while giving visibility to those who need it. Globalscape makes business flow brilliantly.

What is Enhanced File Transfer?

EFT is a managed file transfer platform, built to maximize the operational efficiency of any size organization.

  • Streamlines business process with advanced automation capabilities and real-time visibility into data transfers
  • Scalable as your business grows
  • Affordable modular design allows you to purchase the functionality you need.
  • Easy to use with a quick and intuitive setup

2 versions of Enhanced File Transfer:

EFT Express/SMB and EFT Enterprise

What can Enhanced File Transfer do?

EFT Arcus is a SaaS MFT solution for organizations that are looking for the agility, elasticity, and cost savings the cloud provides. Reduce the complexity of your file transfer infrastructure, increase operational efficiency, and protect your most important data using our secure managed file transfer cloud service.

With our MFT cloud service you can:

  • Automate data exchanges between people and systems
  • Gain visibility into the movement of data
  • Replace legacy or homegrown file sharing systems
  • Securely share files internally or externally
  • Facilitate compliance with regulations like SOX, FIPS, HIPAA, and PCI DSS among others.

How to Identify the Right Corporate Secure File Sharing Solution

To identify the right corporate secure file sharing solution, you need to understand your business’ current data, including the type, size, and volume of the data you expect to manage. Many businesses have several data sources and remote locations with which they exchange data, including secure file sharing with clients. An effective secure file sharing system will help you centralize the management of file sharing, which will improve data security as well as operational efficiency.

Below is the list of how to identify the right solution:

Empowers users with easy-to-use, robust features and functionality

  • Fully customizable for advanced levels of control, efficiency, analytics, and reporting
  • Shares files of any kind via any web browser
  • Provides all users with access to edit, upload, and download both folders and files
  • Anytime, anywhere access to files enables employees to be productive from any location and with most mobile devices.

Gives IT full control and visibility

  • Provides permission controls and operational visibility for enhanced network and data security like, 128-bit SSL encryption in transit or 256-bit AES encryption at rest
  • IT administrator can maintain full control and visibility over who can access, edit and update folders or files. This can enable collaboration while reducing security vulnerabilities.

Compliance controls

  • Secure file sharing solutions can offer controls and features that help facilitateآ compliance with mandates such as PCI DSS, HITECH, SOX, HIPAA, or GDPR, including security tools, auditing, and reporting capabilities.