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K2 Software for Business Process Automation

Many companies use digital technologies to power BPM, that is why GlobeSoft Qatar offers K2 Software for Business Process Management. Business Process Management (BPM) tools can transform a series of slow, error-prone manual tasks into an accelerated, accurate digital workflow. An automated business process is easier to monitor and adapt as business needs change. Different companies use distinctive tools to power their Business process management. The use of the business process automation tool transforms a series of time-consuming, error-prone digital workflow. Integrating automation solution will provide a business process to be easily monitored and can adapt to changes and transformation

However, how does business process management solutions transform a business?

About K2 Software

  • Founded in 1999 in South Africa
  • K2 has more than 3,500 customers and over 250 employees
  • More than 20 + Global presence
  • More than 1.5 million users in over 84 countries use K2
  • Provides world winning solutions
k2 Software platform

K2 Software for Business Process Management

k2 Software platform

Business Process Automation

A business process is a series of flow that leads to a different task to the desired outcome. Enterprises are engaging in business process management (BPM) to ensure that their processes are designed optimally and that all steps are carried out efficiently, accurately and swiftly. Each workflow is evaluated and adjusted for simplicity and efficacy, while job roles and responsibilities are clarified.

In addition, K2’s business process application platform provides organizations the ability to build streamlined apps that automate the processes that move work between people, systems, and machines.

The K2 process automation platform provides customers the ability to build enterprise-ready apps and scale those apps to automate processes across organizations. Thousands of companies around the world use the K2 platform to build hundreds of thousands of applications.

GlobeSoft Qatar’s Strategy

GlobeSoft Qatar help you keep your business running by organizing the business process which offers an end-to-end automation solution including;

  • Analyzing original processes
  • Designing the new processes
  • Implementation
  • Integration with legacy systems
  • Deployment
  • Support
  • Training

These managing services will help in reducing the overall cost associated with the IT operations. Moreover, our managed services complement our project services offering to ensure the ongoing nurturing of your systems and thus keeping your business thriving.

What K2 Software Offers:

  • K2 automates your workflow without coding

Workflows dictate your processes, and every time a step, system, person or rule gets added or changed, the lines of code pile up. With K2, you can build workflows visually — saving significant time and creating opportunities to improve.

  • K2 provides complex forms without complications

Quickly deliver a user interface for every need, using a single technology stack. With K2, you can create reusable views and forms (called SmartForms), and use them like building blocks to assemble even more forms. It’s this reusability that makes it possible to create a form, customize the design, set up integrations and quickly take it to live.

  • K2 provides a shortcut for process automation

Automate your processes even quicker. Pre-built applications(called SmartStarters) are available for common use cases like employee onboarding, sales quote approval, social media post review and more. With App Wizard, you can build an application even more rapidly, in just three steps.

  • Integrate once and reuse everywhere

Your systems, machines, and people are as different as the processes that interact with them. However, getting them all to play nicely together is difficult and time-consuming. Our patented integration technology (called SmartObjects) makes connecting to all your systems quick and reusable. With SmartObjects, your processes can consume and surface line-of-business data easily and contextually.

Other offerings:

  • Makes the smarter decision about your processes

Once you automate, opportunities to improve will be much easier to identify. From free out-of-the-box process reports and integration with third-party tools like Power BI, K2 gives you the real-time insights you need to make better, data-driven decisions.

  • K2 offers a mobility service to the customer

You need more than just mobile applications. Rapid, reusable development, data management, offline capabilities, project administration tools, end-to-end security and more — do it all with K2.

  • K2 offers security when processing your business

K2’s process automation platform makes it possible to deliver integrated, mission-critical process automation at scale and quickly roll out lightweight departmental workflows across the business.

  • K2 offers easy deployment

Whether your company is moving to the cloud or needs to stay on premises, K2 runs wherever you need it to.

Benefits of K2 Software as Business Process Management

Organizations around the world are undergoing a transformation to convert once manual processes into automated workflows. K2’s process automation software allows business users to take control of their processes and create automated workflows without the need for code.

An Easier Way to Automate All Your Business Processes

The K2 platform gives businesses the tools they need to easily build and run process automation applications across their organization, from simple to mission-critical. Our visual workflow designer makes it possible for individuals to create workflows by dragging and dropping tasks into a canvas without having to enter a single line of code. And our platform integrates with any line-of-business system so you can pull data from various sources into one application.

K2 automate every process with one platform. It builds, scale and reuses your process automation to optimize the benefits.

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