Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Sharepoint

Intranets are the lifeblood of what we do at GlobeSoft Qatar. That is why GlobeSoft Qatar partners with Microsoft to provide Microsoft SharePoint solutions to all business needs. We, GlobeSoft Qatar specialize in creating unique and exceptional intranet solutions that support innovative functionalities and aerodynamically styled experiences. That will help engage employees, improve collaboration and drive collaboration.

Our years of expertise and proven references in creating Intranets have guided numerous organizations through the creation of an intranet. Intranet, a private network that is created to efficiently grow collaboration and easily stream the workflow in an organization. When leveraging the best out of our solutions such as SharePoint. We promise you thatآ your intranet will be a dynamic, personalized and social platform. Enabling employees to work in their work style. In addition, we offer Intranet solutions that extend its capability. We don’t create Intranet through simply storing and viewing documents. But a platform to connect the vital tools employees use on a day-to-day basis in a single digital experience.

Microsoft SharePoint: A Collaboration Tool

Microsoft SharePoint, a collaboration tool

GlobeSoft Qatar’s commitment to ensuring that your business will have an exceptional social platform is extended to ensuring that is incorporated with all essentialities. We ensure it remains with continual updates that add new features and mirror both the technical and aesthetic changes happening insight and outside of your organization. Our SharePoint competency has a list of outstanding projects using Microsoft SharePoint with SharePoint experts that provides custom solutions on SharePoint on-premises, online and office 365.

Sharepoint for Globesoft Qatar

For us, a SharePointآ intranetآ orآ intranet portalآ is a way to centralize access to enterprise information. It is an application or a tool that supports an organization in managing its internal communications, andآ informationآ more effortlessly. We believe that by engaging organization with such tools, it will benefit them in numerous reasons. Such examples are the increased-on employee engagement, reducing new staff on-boarding costs. And providing the means to share knowledge broadly to internal stakeholders.

Microsoft SharePoint Benefits:


it’s a business rule that no man is an island. With SharePoint, it proves that only well-coordinated and task-oriented teams can succeed in the challenging business environment.

Process-focused integration

Integrating SharePoint as part of your enterprise solution allows us to support effective enterprise collaboration that provides assurances of continually business processes and guarantees a success. Our dedicated consultants will provide support in helping you and your enterprise build a collaborative environment using such systems; ERP, CRM, HER, ECM and others.

Effective workflows

SharePoint is a tool that easily turns business processes into effective workflows. Our SharePoint consultants can support you at all stages of workflow automation by developing a workflow process from scratch or adjusting to your existing workflow to bring your business strategy to life step by step.

آ Combined knowledge

From building an idea from scratch to a conversant concept, and from a transition to a real project, SharePoint is able to transform raw knowledge into a company’s most valuable asset.

Sharepoint Intranet
Sharepoint Intranet

Strategical Innovations

Adapting SharePoint as your innovation management tool, you will see how the platform manages the visibility of your idea. In addition, S will provide your innovation team with familiar and user-friendly tools in order to manage the entire innovation cycle of your business strategy

How SharePoint works as an Effective Workflows and Collaboration tool :

Choosing SharePoint as your corporate platform, you will get a whole set of tools that responses to several goals at the same time. To manage workflows, stimulate collaboration and productivity, and increase the quality of the working process.

Our team of professionals will provide assistant to help you get started with SharePoint to maximize the benefit for your enterprise. We will help you get the best of SharePoint solutions. By providing the full cycle of SharePoint consulting, customization and support services for projects of various complexity:

  • Business analysis
  • Consulting and configuration
  • Project management
  • Customization
  • Migration
  • Integration
  • Quality Assurance
  • Support and Maintenance

Choosing GlobeSoft Qatar for Intranet Development

We recognize that our team is our greatest asset which provides diversity and professional skillsets which enable us to deliver extraordinary digital experiences. Everyone at GlobeSoftQatar has its own individuality for their skill set and experience, but we all have one thing in common. It’s to provide the entireآ spectrum of SharePoint services in the following challenges:

  • Developing a fully-functional SharePoint document management system from scratch.

This includes planning and architecting your on-premises or cloud system in line with the internal business processes and employees’ needs.

  • Designing and implementing document management features into your SharePoint or Office 365 solution.

If you have been using SharePoint or Office 365 as your social collaboration platform or as an HR management tool. We can always enrich your solution with document management features and make them available across the entire enterprise.

  • Customizing your existing SharePoint document management system.

As your organization grows and new document management challenges arise. You may need to customize your existing solution to align it with the changed business conditions. And we are here to help you!

  • Migrating your document management solution

Apart from that, we also push our effort to extend your solution’s feature set to make it user-friends, secured and capable of handling collaborative documentation.آ  Document workflow and compliance with internal policies.